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Workshop Caller
Walter Zatorski

Picture of Walt and Carrie

Walt and Carrie Zatorski

Walter Zatorski started Square Dancing in 1968 with the Teen Steppers. Five years later he began his career as a Square Dance Caller. He started calling for Country Twirlers in October 2010. Walt calls fun level, mainstream and plus level square dances for multiple clubs and organizations. He teaches beginner lessons and plus level workshops. It is his goal to revive the art of square dancing. Walt believes that square dancing should always be FUN!!!

Club Caller: Art Bentley
First Saturday

Club Cuer
Judy Birch-Powers

Picture of Art and Sharon

Art and Sharon Bentley

Picture of Judy and Tom

Judy Birch-Powers and Tom Powers

ART and SHARON BENTLEY began learning to square dance in the Fall of 1970. We continued our progress and repeated basics class for 4 years. Both of our sons DWAYNE and DAVID learned to square dance in their early teens and danced for 6-8 years. In December 1975 ART did his first “Charlie Brown” singing call. In January of 1976 he began to learn to call in a class taught by LARRY PRIOR. In March, 1976, we were invited to teach a 10 week mini-course at a church in Dearborn Heights, MI. The following year “The Spinning Gears” were formed. Following that ART began teaching on a regular basis and began doing some guest calling. Many, many calling schools and seminars later he continues to enjoy calling for dancers throughout the state. During 37 years ART has also become quite adept at teaching and cueing round dances.

ART serves as primary caller for the Checker Board Mixers (Alpena), Sunrise Squares (Hale), Dancing Singles (Livonia) and regularly is programmed at the Country Twirlers (Taylor). He does many guest calling dates throughout Michigan. ART and SHARON have been married for 54 years and make their home in Gladwin, MI.

I started square dancing in 1994 after a friend finally talked me into going to a class and “try it out”. I did not feel that square dancing was for me. After two classes I was “hooked” and did not want to quit. When I started dating a square dance caller, he suggested I learn how to be a round dance cuer. I was not sure I wanted to be one. So I attended a cuer school in Maryland with Betty and Irv Easterday, and another one in Vermont with Doc and Peg Tirrell. Again I was “hooked”! It was hard at first but I was determined to improve my cueing skills. In 1996 I was an angel for Tom’s square dance class. After a number of years of meeting at dances, in 2002 we started dancing together. I helped him with square dancing and he helped me improve my round dancing ability. We got married in June 2005. Since then I have cued at National and State Conventions, Canadian dances and dances while on business trips in a number of different states. I presently cue regularly at many clubs in Ohio and Michigan.